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I create curious, abstract objects in clay inspired by artefacts and ritualistic objects. 


I am interested in the way ceremonial objects appear to be imbued with an authority which is more than the sum of their parts. Of interest are objects that appeal to some sort of primal, collective unconscious – a time before language.


Through vigorous actions of cutting, disassembling, reassembling, adding, subtracting and mark-making I stay open to the elements of accident and chance materialising in the making of my work.


Clay is a natural choice of material for me - an enchanting, ancient substance which defies categorisation of time and place. It is ageless as well as contemporary and of our time. I am attracted to its malleable and sculptural qualities and the way in which process and changes that occur during the making are registered on and within the form.


As a form of retrospective diary recorded in an intuitive and spontaneous way I hope the work will provoke a response, in the viewer, of a sensation beyond words and rational thought.



2018  Artists@318 Open Studios

2018  Leith Hill Place - National Trust

2018  SAOS (Surrey Artists Open Studios)

2017  Show17  Royal College of Art, London, June 2017

2017  London Craft Week, Home of Sara Griffin, London, UK

2017  Collections, Home of Preston Fitzgerald, London, UK

2017  Emerging and Established, Christie’s, London, UK

2017  Work in Progress Show RCA, Royal College of Art, UK

2014  Work in Progress RCA,  Royal College of Art, London, UK

2014  Garden of Delights , Royal College of Art, London, UK