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Annie Hardy’s work is a combination of observation and recollection. These processes are transcribed as a stream of consciousness and coalesce into ‘abstract memory maps’ chronicled in numerous art journals.


These retrospective diaries generate process led drawings, paintings and sculptures that develope in intuitive and spontaneous ways. Through a practice of addition, subtraction, and multiple layers of mark making mysterious landscapes emerge of memory accumulating.


Time spent living abroad, in Australia and Africa, is reflected in a rich colour palette. The resulting images and sculptures are both curious and familiar, provoking a visual sensation that is often beyond words and rational thought.


                     instagram @annie._.hardy


2022  Any Day Now, London & West Dean 

2018  Artists@318 Open Studios

2018  Leith Hill Place - National Trust

2018  SAOS (Surrey Artists Open Studios)

2017  Show17  Royal College of Art, London, June 2017

2017  London Craft Week, Home of Sara Griffin, London

2017  Collections, Home of Preston Fitzgerald, London

2017  Emerging and Established, Christie’s, London

2017  Work in Progress Show RCA, Royal College of Art, London

2014  Work in Progress RCA,  Royal College of Art, London

2014  Garden of Delights , Royal College of Art, London


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